Monthly Encouragement: New Year, No Resolutions

Have you made a resolution for 2016 yet?

Ever since hearing about One Word that will change your life several years ago I’ve stopped making resolutions. By focusing on one word throughout the year that inspires me to be my best, I’ve been able to do away with them.

You may enjoy making resolutions and sticking to them; if so, that’s great, more power to you! But personally I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to them since I’ve not had much success with them in the past.

Instead, each year I’ve chosen one word as a constant positive reminder of who I can become.

Reflecting on 2015 has reminded me of some decisions and struggles that I wish I could ignore and forget. I’m not sure if you feel that way too; but if you do, instead of shutting those ugly things away, why don’t we use them as a starting point to get to where we want to go, to become the people we want to be?

I have my regrets. But I know that being ashamed and dwelling on my shortcomings isn’t going to help anyone. It would actually hurt everyone with whom I come into contact.

The great thing is, you and I can both choose to believe we’re forgiven and free to start over and make better decisions in the future.

The past few years my words have been: