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Hi there! My name is Bailey O'Brien. As a 13-year stage 4 melanoma surthriver,

I understand what you're going through! 

I've been through the fear and confusion that comes with a cancer diagnosis.


In 2007 and 2010 my treatment for stage 3 melanoma didn't work and eventually I realized I had been blind to many factors related to cancer development and healing; my cancer progressed to stage 4 in 2011, at 20 years old. That led me to making radical changes in my diet and lifestyle and using an integrative approach to treatment. 

My cancer was completely healed in about two months.


B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from Boston University

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Certified Square One Cancer Coach

I have put an indefinite pause on my cancer coaching.

After putting my health on the back burner for too long I've begun a health "reset," consisting of

Dr. Max Gerson's Basic Diet and Intervention Diets. You can learn more about these from Gar Hildenbrand's website, :)  

Juicing is an essential part of many cancer-fighting protocols. Download my free juicing ebook to get recipes and tips!

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