January 2, 2019

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! 😊 I hope you are rejoicing!

If you feel like me right now maybe it's a little bittersweet, letting go of 2018 and facing the unknowns of circumstances carrying into 2019.

Today I’m reminded about a time about five years ago whe...

May 4, 2016

Hey friend!


Just a few updates for you this evening/morning/afternoon depending on where you are and when you read this...!


1) The Food Revolution Summit

2) Something to look forward to...

3) A survey!


1) Today is day 4 of the Food Revolution Summit (sorry I'm late on th...

March 18, 2016

Hey friend,


I hope you've had a good week, happy Friday!


If you've been on my blog lately or received an email from me last week you might know that recently Dr. Kelly Turner had a live Q&A call for her new online course, Applying the 9 Healing Factors Into Your O...

February 26, 2016

Hello my friend! (Do you like my minion? Haha.)


It's been a while since I wrote an article. About a month ago it came time to do my "monthly encouragement" when I realized that due to time restraints I could no longer write these regular reflections.



March 12, 2015


Do you ever have questions or disagree with your doctor but feel out of place speaking up? 

I used to feel this way until a critical point 4 years ago when enough was enough and I finally learned to take ownership of my health. Ever since that point I've had many unc...

February 28, 2015

Why Does Organic Matter? 
This is a biggie.
I promised that my next newsletter would address one of the most important topics I've ever written about. Well here we are, and again I realize I've bitten off more than I can chew...

Addressing the topic of organic vs....

February 14, 2015

How To Be Indestructible Like Popeye, Without Eating Spinach: Part 2

A.K.A. Bailey’s Juicing Guide

Do you know that you should probably eat more veggies for your health? Yet, you don't because they tend to get crowded out by other foods that are, quite frankly, more sati...

February 6, 2015











If you ever worry about your health, I can relate.


At one point in my life, I was afraid to put one unwholesome piece of food in my mouth. My health was failing, and I realized that I had the power to improve my health by changing my diet. Thankfully, just 6...

January 29, 2015

It's tough trying to defend your stance on a treatment protocol when your doctors are some of the most popular and highly ranked doctors in the world, or even if they're just your local MD. But you have to trust your gut and stand your ground. Don't give in to a treatm...

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